2 Reasons To Consider Utilizing A Financial Guidance Service

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A financial guidance service is a fantastic resource to have at your disposal, mostly because it can help individuals learn how to better manage their finances while also offering a number of different types of financial assistance. Listed below are two reasons to consider utilizing a financial guidance service.

Down Payment Assistance

One of the hardest purchases for many people to make is a house due to the high cost of the house and how difficult it can often be for low or middle-income families. In some cases, a financial guidance service will offer down payment assistance plans that can make it much easier to get your down payment together in order to buy a home. For example, some of these services will offer payment matching.

The payment matching service will require that you set up a savings account with the financial service or a financial institution that they have partnered with for a set amount of time. For every dollar that you place into the savings account for the time period specified by the financial guidance service, they will match it. In many cases, the service will double or even triple your contribution.

Debt Management Options

Another goal of a financial guidance service is to help people who are struggling to get out of debt manage their debt. In many cases, these services will offer a wide range of debt management options. For example, one of these services can provide you with a debt consolidation loan that combines the majority of your debts into one larger debt that will often have a low-interest rate and will often result in you having lower monthly payments than if you paid each debt individually. 

In addition, a financial guidance service can help prevent you from accumulating too much debt in the future by offering credit counseling services. A credit counseling course will cover everything from determining when it is a good idea to take out a line of credit, how to rebuild your credit after a bankruptcy or severe delinquency, and educating you about what options are available to you if you start to fall behind on your bills. 

Contact a financial guidance service (such as Financial Guidance Center) today in order to discuss how they may be able to assist you with your current financial situation. These services can help you save for a down payment so that you and your family can buy a house while also helping you to learn how to manage your debt and credit situation.  


16 May 2016

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