Tips For Buying Ancient Coins Online

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If you are looking to buy ancient coins, shopping from online dealers is a great option. However, when you buy online, you won't be able to see them up close, so it is a little more complicated. Here are some tips for buying ancient coins for sale online from reputable dealers.

Avoid Dealers Who Use Sales Tactics

While a coin dealer wants to make a sale, they should also know that some people simply want information, not a sales pitch. If you contact an online dealer to learn more about them or a coin specifically, and they attempt to pressure you into a sale, it is best to avoid them. This is a big red flag, not to mention not being a good way to run a business. You want a dealer that will answer your questions, then make themselves available for further inquiries you have. If you ask about the history of an ancient coin they have listed, and instead of answering, they tell you this is a special one-time offer you don't want to miss, run the other way.

Look For Signs of Picture Discrepancies

With online dealers, they should have several, high-quality photographs of every coin they sell. First of all, make sure these are real photographs of the coin as it is now, not a stock photo of what an ancient coin of this type would look like. Next, look for signs that the photograph has been altered. The differences are subtle, but something you will notice over time if you pay attention. For example, it is difficult to have a perfect, stark white background without some altering. This might be a sign that they know how to use Photoshop and might be adjusting how the coin looks as well. Some other signs of doctoring a photo include having red or pink hues around the coin, using a sharp angle to take the photo, or having photos that seem to bleed, making the coin appear less detailed.

Ask About Storage and Delivery

It is also a good idea to find out where the coin has been stored so far, and what the shipping and delivery policies are. You may not want to go through a dealer that takes weeks or months to send coins someone purchases. Make sure they have prompt delivery after receiving payment and that they insure all coins being shipped so you have some extra protection. Also ask about how they have been storing the coin, ensuring it has not been damaged since the last photograph was taken.


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